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newel, center,


  MtoBishop and builders

medieval - the Middle Ages, arguably 1100 - 1650.

mullions - stone piers dividing a window into two or more lights.

nave (Lt. aship) - the main body of a church or cathedral. Sometimes defined as the central aisle only.

newel - the supporting upright pillar around which winding steps, or winders, are supported; typically found in cathedral and castle architecture of the Middle Ages.




xx niche (Fr. a nest) - a recess in a wall for the reception of a statue.

ogee - the "s" shaped molding usually seen in Gothic architecture.

Oriel window - appearing  in chapels, public and private houses in the Gothic style, a window that projects from the outer face of a wall and supported by corbels. Also known as a bay window.


xxoriel/bay windowxx
xx Perpendicular style -  the name given to late 15th century English Gothic architecture as lines became longer and carving more elaborate.  Also know as Flamboyant style.


pinnacle - a slender, pointed summit placed on top of buttresses, gables, etc.

plate tracery - the simplest, earliest form of tracery, ca. 1300.

porch - a projecting, enclosed doorway, usually a side entrance located at the north and south transepts of a cathedral.




xx quatrafoil - tracery constructed from four foils. See cinquefoil.

quoin - a corner stone.

Rose window - a circular window with heavily foliated tracery branching out from a common center.

rose window animation

Gothic Rose Windows

xxx springer - the horizontal stone which the first arch stone rests upon, or springs from.

transepts - in cathedral architecture, the north and south projections or "arms" of the cross. See cathedral.

trifoil - tracery in three foils.

tympanum - a panel above a main portal, or doorway, usually heavily decorated.

voussoir - a wedge-shaped stone that makes up an arch. The center voussoir is the keystone.

wreathed columns - those twisted in the shape of a screw.

zigzag - an ornamental molding in both Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Also known as dancette or chevron molding.


wreathed column
wreathed column

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