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Faces on Places A Grotesque Tour of Toronto

Faces on Places, A Grotesque Tour of Toronto

New York Carver readers know that professional journalist & photographer Terry Murray has been on the hunt for several years now in search of gargoyles & grotesques in far-flung locations.

In return, she has received little from this site but a byline, and a "permanent crick in her neck from looking up."

Now, the author's proper street cred is fully evident in a personal tour of Faces on Places, A Groteque Tour of Toronto.

Here, you'll find stunning photos of menacing dragons, mysterious griffins, and an entire chapter devoted to ...Other Things with Wings.

Also be sure to check out a recent project that brings grotesque glory back to Toronto's civic center as gargoyles once again proudly fly from Old City Hall.

grotesque - Faces on PlacesAfter gobbling up Faces on Places, we'd like to imagine that the author won't stop at Toronto, of course. Next up.... Chicago? Boston? NEW YORK?

Here's hoping.

For now, it's Toronto like no one's ever seen it.

NOTE TO TOURISTS: Big enough to encompass the grand city in stone, but small enough to fit in a backpack, Faces on Places also features a detailed map that works as a self-guided tour to Toronto's stone carvings.

Win a free copy of Faces on Places

For other news, updates and a good read, check out the author's blog Terry Murray Gargoyle Hunter.



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