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medieval astrology

What's Your Sign?

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Astrology & Medicine

As each planet ruled a different part of year, each sign also ruled a different part of the human anatomy : beginning with Aries which ruled the head, to Pisces, which ruled the toes and feet. As such, astrology played a role in medical cures & diagnoses.

A medieval doctor would be aware that a person born under a Moon sign, for example, might be prone to worry, or even lunacy. Whereas people born under the 'lucky' sign of Sagittarius were apt to have more sunny dispositions.


Renaissance Astrology

At its peak during the Renaissance a strong belief in astrology was reflected in Shakespeare's omens-and-portents: "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio/ Than are dreamed of in your philosophy" said Hamlet. The doomed King Lear bemoans his fate with "It is the stars/The stars above us, govern our conditions."

Meanwhile, kings and queens who sat on real European thrones would be hesitant to make a move without the advice of a well-respected astrologer, who were often kept on permanent staff as part of the royal court.

With advances in science and medicine in the ensuing centuries, laws were passed which made fortune telling illegal. The popular belief in astrology, however, never really fell out of favor.

The late nineteenth century saw seances and fortune telling becoming parlor entertainment as widespread public interest in astrology and esoteric religions reemerged.

Now with the dawning of a new millenium, the practice of astrology has become more popular than ever. Today, a favorite horoscope column has become a daily habit with millions of readers worldwide.


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