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The Virtual Medieval Ireland Tour

A taste of the old country with a look at, and Around Medieval Ireland ...

Book of KellsArtwork from the Book of Kells

Probably one of the most beautiful manuscripts ever created...given the full treatment at the Celtic Digital Library...

Medieval Irish ClothingWhat the Irish Wore

No kilts! And check out the Moy Gown...

The Real St. PatrickThe St. Patrick You Never Knew

He didn't drive the snakes from Ireland, and he didn't pluck a shamrock to teach the mystery of the Trinity. The truth, however, is more interesting...

Irish CastlesHistoric Irish Castles

Castles, history, Quicktime video, and a litte bit of blarney...

Irish High CrossesIrish High Crosses

Beautifully illustrated tour of prime examples of Irish Celtic high crosses with locations. Click on the thumbnails for a close-up look.


More resources on medieval Ireland at New York Carver


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