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Party Like It's 1399!

The medieval party scene is always popular, and treating party guests like medieval or Renaissance royalty gets easier every year online. So check out fun and creative ways to to transform your humble abode into a banquet hall - AND fairly quickly. C'mon, you've got a feast to prepare!

We've done our best to ferret out resources that, with a simple click, will take you to fast and affordable purveyors of medieval and Renaissance themes and costumes.

Depending on your mood and budget, pricier stuff is also included...along with ideas for a medieval theme wedding! Finally, check other links and resources around the Web for free medieval party ideas and recipes, below.

DECORATIONS - Our first stop - for the largest selection of decorations with the best customer service and great prices - is Shindigz. Take a look at their Fantasy Castle theme for table centerpieces, paper torches, coats of arms, trumpet banners and backdrops. Custom imprinted castle invitations are also available. And surf around the rest of this huge site for more on holiday decorations, costumes and special celebrations.

Cadwaller Dragon Banner

If you want to splurge a little, head over to Medieval Weapon and peruse their selection of authentic looking banners (pictured). Four feet in length and well crafted in a 30 US dollar price range, they'll survive well after the party's over and double as a bedroom, library or den wall hanging.

Medieval Wedding IdeasHOW TO CREATE A MEDIEVAL WEDDING - There are so many ideas that you can incorporate into a medieval wedding theme. However, coming up with ideas and then tracking down resources can take up quite a bit of time and energy. How To Create a Beautiful Medieval Wedding will help you plan and prepare a memorable, cost-efficient wedding. It's filled with ideas, inspiration, and suggestions on attire, decorations, music, menus, entertainment, invitations, locations, favors and more. This ebook package is the ultimate guide in planning your medieval wedding. Get your copy instantly by digital download.

Renaissance Vest-Female COSTUMES -When the party calls for dressing medieval, is the one and only online source we think you'll need. Renaissance faire costumes are a specialty, but they also cater to the Halloween enthusiast, the avid medievalist, or any other group of people getting together to have fun! Choose from a variety of themes - monks, knights and fair ladies - together with the best prices you'll find on or offline.

Finally, what's a medieval party without authentic medieval fare?

Resources to Medieval Party RECIPES on the Web:

Medieval Muses

Did You Know?: Food History

The Boke of Good Cookery Recipes

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage

Excerpts from The Medieval Kitchen

Ravensgard Food and Culinary Arts


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