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The trivial pursuits of the Middles Ages probably tell us as more about the time than the more traditional medieval work, fasting and prayer. Of course, prayer was a near-requirement to survive a brutal bout of medieval gameball…

  • Medieval football was the ancestor of European soccer and American football, sometimes played free-for-all by entire villages over miles of country. Due to the number of injuries it caused, the Lord Mayor of London finally prohibited the game. The law was ignored, naturally…
  • Compared to ‘gameball,’ Pastimes of the Viking & Anglo-Saxon Age seems downright civilized. Here’s an illustrated excursion into the games that Vikings played, including music, dance and other pastimes…
  • Welcome to Entertainment in the Middle Ages an interactive playhouse hosting a medieval archery tournament. Or try your hand at Hit the Thief with a Tomato. Shockwave plug-in required.

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Get the royal dirt on the gardens of Hampton Court, or discover ways in which the medieval backyard served as a garden-variety medicine cabinet... 

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  • The Transparanoia Bros have skillfully recorded an 11-day journey into the unknown at Gargoyle Quest. Click on the moving (and we mean moving) photos to read the wacky commentary…
  • From sublime to ridiculous Gargoyles...
  • Finally, check out New York Carver's own look at Notre Dame..


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The German penchant for order and tradition belies their wild history. Distinct races such as the Bavarians and the Saxons, the Franks and the Swabians each had their own dialects, customs and laws. In fact, there never was a 'German people' until right at the end of the Middle Ages. The glue that finally bound them together was the medieval kingdom…

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Besides giving truth to the old adage "geometry is mathematics made beautiful," gothic geometry also serves as a shortcut into the hearts and minds of medieval craftspeople. So it's strongly recommended that you give this particular historical reenactment a try.

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Stories abound as to the Grail’s current whereabouts: In England? Wales? Italy? Spain? The World Wide Web is a depository for clues new and old in the quest for the one, true Holy Grail…

  • For a quick, illustrated overview, Earthlore Explorations highlights the restorative and healing powers of The Holy Grail as told in literature. With quotes from the writings of Alfred Lord Tennyson and Thomas Mallory…

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