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By history's standards the Middle Ages might have been the ultimate test of faith for the Jews of Europe. Living in ghettos, vilified by Catholic popes and Crusaders, and 'cleansed' from Spain during the Inquisition, they nonetheless prevailed and kept the faith. Check out a cyber-treasure of illustrated manuscripts and religious artifacts that remain a testament to the medieval Jewish art of survival….

  • The definitive look at the Jewish Middle Ages is at Beyond the Pale: The Middle Ages with period illustrations that are plentiful, and depictions of Jews in European medieval folklore that are, well, downright bizarre…
  • The Cairo Geniza was unearthed nearly 100 years ago and has since been hailed as the medieval equivalent to the Dead Sea Scrolls. See it at A Window into Jewish Medieval Life.
  • Medieval Jewish Image Gallery is an eyeful of religious artifacts and illuminations, courtesy the University of Pennsylvania…
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  • King René's Tournament Book Or, How to Hold a Tournament … from a 15th century source. It includes everything from the first opening trumpet to the etiquette of donating the crests and banners to local charities (see the hyperlink Miscellaneous Other Rules)…
  • The mother of all knight sites, The Knighthood, Chivalry and Tournaments Resource Library is dedicated to keeping alive personal honor, courage, courtesy and other outdated notions. With loads of period documents, commentary and info.
  • And check out New York Carver's own look at medieval combat at European Martial Arts: Alive & Well... by guest writer David M. Cvet.
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MADONNA! (the original one)


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Hidden away inside cathedrals and churches, lying in wait underneath the choir stalls... are the misericords. They’re the hand carved seats in which medieval monks took great comfort, especially during long services. The word itself derives from the Latin meaning ‘compassionate.’ The carvings, however, are anything but. More than a few depictions of village idiots, local clergy and wanton women were removed in the Victorian era for being too obscene. Take a look…

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  • The silent movie filmed in 1928 and the first in a long line of ‘Joan of Arc movies.’ The Passion of Joan of Arc continues to hold its own as the definitive version… 
  • "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die!"  Boasting the most memorable lines since Monty Python & The Holy Grail, The Princess Bride  
  • Monthy Python & The Holy Grail Bring out your dead… 
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A June 1999 issue of the now defunct NewYorkCarver Newsletter brought about an avalanche of suggestions from readers with their favorite museum stops on the Net. For the final results, click here.


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  • With a cool 'pop-up' glossary to help explain, i.e., chant, syncopation, motets, troubadours, etc.; plus sound files, period illustrations and more at End of Europe's Middle Ages: Music.
  • Here's another cool overview with special attention paid to Guillaume de Machaut, the 14th century composer who improvised the polyphonic singing style that continued red hot into the Renaissance. Listen up at Music History 102: The Middle Ages
  • Check out the 'Iconography' to see common depictions in period artwork. The Medieval Recorder was easy to store, transport, and akin to the American cowboy's harmonica…
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  • Your Global Hermitage is an online treasury of medieval mysticism that started with a one-room flat in Florence and a computer… 
  • Canadian readers have been reporting in on Mystic Women, a weekly series from Vision TV on the medieval religious mystique. Now check out the site…
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British Crossroads to British, Welsh, Scottish and Irish legends…

Gather around for the tales of the Pied Piper of Hamelin...

The mythic mega-site, Encyclopedia Mythica...

also see this section's Robin Hood...




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