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The medieval city seen in glimpses at Paris in the time of Philippe Auguste. Be sure to check out the Everyday Life for more on eating, dressing, and just making a living in the 12th century.

Nice vistas and historical background from Notre Dame de Paris, another of Elore’s ‘deep digs’ into the heart of French Gothic…

Parisians flexed their muscles during the later High Gothic period when buttresses flew, towers soared and an architectural jewel, St. Chapelle, rose under the shadow of the Cathedral of Notre Dame…

Its wood carvings, stained-glass windows, stone sculptures and tapestries make it the world’s best treasure trove for medievalists. For additional atmosphere, Paris’ Museum of the Middle Ages is within the Hôtel of the Abbots of Cluny, on the ruins of an old Roman bath ….

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Cutting edge, state-of-the-art medieval farming tools at Medieval World: Agriculture

Follow the social structure of the medieval manor at Feudalism in Medieval England  

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A Few Words abut Castle Toilets which were built as near to the outside wall as possible so that sewage had only a short distance to go…

Here's a good bathroom read at The History of Plumbing: The Roman and English Legacy

History of Toilets. Yes, indeed. From ancient Rome to the middle ages, and on up to modern times…

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The Society for Creative Anachronism, or everything you ever wanted to know about living in the modern Middle Ages...

Upcoming battles, encampments, feasts, pageants, and living history displays...and the most comprehensive list around, from Mike Bonk at The Directorie...

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Martin Luther didn’t appear out of nowhere to suddenly defy the authority of Rome. For several medieval centuries beforehand, men like John Wyclif (banished) John Hus (burned at the stake) and Girolamo Savonarola (hanged, then burned) led the way to making the break…

The papacy was at its zenith as an institution when it slowly began to unravel in The 14th and 15th Centuries: The Church in Moral Crisis

And more at The End of Europe's Middle Ages: The Church

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It's the group with royal patronage, arguing that Shakespeare rejected the facts for over-the-top entertainment. Popular notions about Richard are debunked at The Richard III Society

The American chapter of the British original, The Richard III and Yorkist History Server. Click on 'Drama' for a review of the latest Richard III films and stage plays...

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The original legend of the Boy in the Hood has classic elements that add up to an enduring heroic tale: Good vs. evil, the people vs. the state, and a colorful posse of gangstas…

Scout around Robin Hood: A Beginner’s Guide

The Worldwide Robin Hood Society takes dead aim at separating fact from fiction. Discover key characters in the original ballads and prime suspects in the Who Was Robin Hood mystery… 

The great `Shire Wood' covered much of the county of Nottinghamshire and was once a prized hunting ground for English royals. Sherwood Forest Online is helping to bring it back from the brink… 

A clearinghouse of info, links, and trivia, Discovering Robin Hood is fueled by reader contributions and led by college student Ben Turner. The site is in the middle of a major overhaul, but hang in there…

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The beast in all his guises at Medieval Macabre 

Classy design and a 5-minute RealPlayer video at The Antichrist Legend, courtesy of the U.S. television show, Frontline 

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Accidently sunk in 1545 then accidently recovered, Henry VIII’s favorite ship is ready for inspection on a virtual tour of the Mary Rose in Portsmouth, England…

The nuts and bolts of medieval shipbuilding, war tactics and naval blockades all here at The European Voyages of Exploration, a University of Calgary tutorial…

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Pages of clickable thumbnails and thumbnail descriptions of The Castles of Castille and Leon.

Go on an online tour of the Cathedral of Toledo.

For a cathedral as majestic as Seville’s you’d expect a site like this. In Spanish and English…

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A Brief History of Stained Glass from the medieval era to modern times, with color photo goodness.

Glass in dozens of members' viewable portfolios at The British Society of Master Glass Painters. Quick to load, first-rate…


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