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Track the history of man's inhumanity to man - and woman - at MIddle Ages Torture.

Wholesale burnings and excommunications are on the menu at A Brief History of the Inquisition.

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Take a tour of History House and find bits and pieces on everything from insane popes to medieval lepers…

Easy, breezy goings-on at the Russian History Trivia Page although that stuff about there being no Russian castles (let’s call them ‘fortresses’) is really stretching it… 

Ever wanted to know the rate of inflation in medieval Scotland?…The name of the patron saint of Lithuania?…Scroll down Useful Medieval Odds & Ends 

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Start the trip at Brittania

Tour Medieval and Later Britain at the British Museum…

Now turn the channel to BBC Online – History

Tour the streets and meet the relatives, as the 21st century meets old English village. A Collage of Lavenham… 

Take a quick ride out to The New Forest and find history, photo galleries and links to more on William the Conqueror’s old stomping grounds.

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Still believe Vikings wore horned helmets? Vikings: The North Atlantic Saga 

NOVA tackled The Vikings in a two-hour special on PBS television… 

Men of the Year here. A recent cover story gives them the five-star treatment with an in-depth profile on the Viking influence on three continents at TIME Magazine: The Amazing Vikings

Check out the nuts and bolts of Viking life, including teacher resources at BBC BItesize: The Vikings.

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Immerse yourself in communities where religious faith was an emotional stronghold and craft was the common livelihood,  entertainment was a story told around a warm fire and good plumbing was, um, only a dream…

Take the tour of The Medieval Village of Lacoc, a main location for some of the early Harry Potter films.

This reenactment society's modest goal is to "bring the 10th century back to life." Take an extensive cybertour of Viking Age living at Wichamstow village, and say hello to the neighbors…

'This way, please' the little Village of Conques though big on charm. Tour ancient stained glass in the abbey, vivid stone carvings in the cloisters, and more…

Go on a virtual tour of The Deserted Village of Wharram recreated from UK archeological digs…

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Snowdonia, Flint Castle, and much more at The Wales 2000 Network. Click on any of the links on the main page and dive in. Don’t miss medieval Plas Mawr

In Pembrokeshire St. David’s Cathedral was built on the ruins of a monastery founded by St. David in 589 AD. 

Castle aficionado Paolo Ramponi plays host to The Great Castles of Wales – which he considers the ‘jewels of medieval architecture." Watch ‘em shine…

Everything Wales at Britannia…

Data Wales The Welsh at their eccentric best…

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Turning children to powder, feasting with Satan on ‘horrible meats’ and folklore/ superstitions that arose from Medieval Witchcraft in Scotland

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Go on a virtual tour of German sites connected with Hildegard, then surf around the rest of the site dedicated to the writer/musician/mystic at Hildegard of Bingen - Historical Sites

Anna Comnena chronicled the life of her Byzantine father, Alexius I, and became the world’s first female historian.. 

See how women wielded power behind-the-scenes in this virtual town of the late Middle Ages at Women of Poulet Gauche.

Mystic Women was a weekly series from Canada’s Vision TV examining the medieval religious mystique. Now, check out the site…and don’t miss the Scriptorium

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