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Since its days as a medieval stronghold, it's been trampled by most of the ancient world's major powers, and nearly wiped out in the early 20th century. Then the Soviet Union dropped by unasked, and stayed for 70 years. Today, Armenia continues to suffer from tensions that flared with Azerbaijan in the early 90's. None of this prevents Armenians from doing what they do best, celebrating a culture steeped in a once mighty medieval history...

  • 'Astounding' just doesn't quite do it at Virtual Ani. Click inside the entrance arch to begin the tour that leads visitors around an Armenian ghost town uninhabited for the last four centuries...
  • The opening line, "The Arts are the fingerprints of a nation ..." sets the tone for Arts and Culture of Armenia a site that makes a case for medieval Armenia's enduring appeal. Watch as architecture and manuscripts are shown off to best effect in beautifully written content and cool design...
  • Check out galleries of medieval eye candy at Armenian Miniatures ...
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  • New York Carver's own look at the images and lore of Medieval Astrology...
  • Here's a slow-to-load but rewarding trip to Earthlore Explorations that highlights the planets' strong pull in Lore of Astrology now under construction...


First, under Caesar. Then under Frankish rule. Later came Charlemagne, then Charles V, then Spain, and an annexation to Austria. Small wonder why Belgium is sometimes considered the forgotten corner of the continent. National pride (take that, France!) is big in this comparably tiny nation that boasts a handful of cool Web sites strong on telling the story...

  • 35 miles northwest of the capitol city of Brussels A Trip Through Medieval Ghent poses the eternal question, 'Is Ghent the most beautiful city in Belgium?...
  • Feast your eyes on a guided tour around old canals, town squares and Gothic architecture in Bruges, Belgium ...
  • Judging this beauty competition becomes a little more difficult now. Take a look at why Belgium remains almost 75% Catholic at Antwerp Monumental Churches. ...
  • Take in beautifully preserved Belgium Castles, with a few quick pics from Boston College's Digital Archive...
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